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Get Advice from a Florist with the Malaysia Florist Association

Choosing flowers for a special occasion, such as a wedding can be a stressful time. This is your big day and you want everything to be perfect. The same is true for other major events in life. You may want to seek advice from a professional when making your selection. You don’t have to be in Kuala Lumpur to consult with a local florist. The Malaysia Florist Association can help, regardless of location.

One concern people have about ordering from an online florist is not having the ability to consult with a florist, as in a brick and mortar flower shop. The Malaysia Florist Association has taken care of that problem. You can ask questions and get advice with the Ask a Florist function on

The availability of professional advice is an important feature that sets us apart from other online flower shops. Whether you need help in selecting flowers for your occasion or want information on flower or plant care, our florists are here to help. They have vast knowledge on flower varieties and are waiting to share that experience with our customers.

Accessing the advice of a professional florist is easy with the Malaysia Florist Association. You will be asked to fill out a very short form with your name, email address and a description about your occasion or event for which you want to order flowers. This takes just a second.

There is an online chat option available for customers to consult with a florist. You have several chat options including Yahoo, AOL, Gtalk and MSN to reach out to a professional florist for advice. These choices allow you to chat via your preferred service. If you have Yahoo, you won’t need to sign up for an additional service to access the chat feature.

Once you have consulted with the florist, ordering is quick and easy with Payment is made with a credit card through our secure server. When the order is received, it will be forwarded to a local florist in Kuala Lumpur or the area of Malaysia where delivery is to be made. This is done to ensure the highest quality for your flower order.



Malaysia Florist Association Malaysia Florist Association